Month: January 2021

Legalize Perceived AgeLegalize Perceived Age

There have been numerous new and wonderful changes and improvements inside our lives that always, it’s mind-boggling. For example, Amazon besides delivers the most affordable item the very next day (with prime) and not merely emails you when delivered, but offers a photo from the package for your front door. You gotta like it!

Unfortunately, not things are all “comin’ up roses” in all of the areas of life.

In different ways, our culture has declined so much that nearly it is all totally considered acceptable and frequently, desirable. Some things that exist today could hardly have been imagined television. Here are just some situations, more significant than these:

*Surgical gender change is nice.

*Infanticide at birth is okay.

*It’s chic to put on jeans with holes within them.

*Cleavage and behinds are a lot more revealing.

  • Inappropriate language is normal and acceptable and utilized by all.

*Civility can be an archaic relic on the past.

*Tribal group-think is superior to individual thought and wise practice.

*Drug-induced altered states of consciousness are normal and desirable.

One may agree or disagree with a few or all on the above – it matters not. The changes exist and so are accepted largely without judgment. I cite the modifications to make a point, as well as the point is:

In spite of all cultural and quite often revolutionary changes, there can be an outdated norm that stays untouched and it is just as trustworthy as ever: Acceptance that “later years” ALWAYS equals decline.

It is usually NOT accepted or thought that as people age, they CAN AND OFTEN DO CHANGE AND GROW IN NEW, YOUTHFUL WAYS that defy decline. But let’s not get crazy here; decline is profitable and props up and fuels the conventional old age leisure culture. In a perverse way, cultural decline of old people is surely an economic “benefit”.

Same Old Story

It’s the standard story about senior years. At age 80-90 women is pretty much a leper. For many, especially women, it is just a horrible box to stay in. Young people abhor later years and avoid or ignore old people. In general, old everyone is made fun of, often on their own. Old women are “cute” and persuaded to appear in “retirement” communities to try out while they decay. Age 90 is often a sure bet you’re senile ( even without evidence), and younger people automatically treat you as if you happen to be less than competent. Yuk – it’s disgusting. One could be incompetent when he was 90 but one can be incompetent at a younger age containing not been identified as “old”.

In relationships, “she has to be younger than he” may be the inflexible determinant for a lady to be with a male. Old women in great shape are wrinkled and so unappealing while bearded, wrinkled, sick old men using a belly hanging over their belt are distinguished and acceptable.

Mentally and physically, women usually last longer than men. A 70-year-old woman is usually still in the prime while a 70-year-old-man has brought open heart surgery, has prostate problems, diabetes, and has now trouble walking. But that does not matter into a mentally and/or physically compromised some player looking for the new love – he wants a lot younger woman because which is the way it is been. He feels entitled. In his head, he still believes he’s an appealing stud whether or not impotent.

He imagines he’s still reached it going on, and obtaining a viable younger woman validates his fantasy of his youth. Looking less than far later on, he’s aware a younger woman potentially constitutes a better caretaker than a mature woman. The sad thing is, if he’s got money his decline often doesn’t matter with a younger (or older) woman and in reality, could be an attraction.

The Common Sense Solution

My option is simple: Legalize perceived age. Be whatever legal age you say you happen to be and can mentally and physically live it. Please don’t inform me there are a great number of legal hurdles and loopholes to jump through to make it work. Look, if a guy can get his penis and related organs chopped away and off to become a female, anything is achievable. For whatever reason, unfortunately we cannot want to affect the system. We would like to continue to pretend an addled some guy with just half a brain is undoubtedly an attractive and acceptable partner for any vital younger or same age woman.

Does the unfairness concern you, too? Let me know when you might be ready to help modify the system. Let me know when you happen to be ready to battle to become the person inside you screaming for legal freedom to are the age you wish to be. No surgical procedures are necessary. Just fired-up guts and determination to combat and win the battle. Imagine if that takes place: Men will scurry like rats (with no success) to keep remaining (if any) youthful attributes once they can. That’s what women do today and they are carrying out a great job. The competition may just obliterate “senior years” fairness issues and level the game of “them versus us” in everyday life and love.