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Many of us love to keep dogs as pets. Yorkshire terriers, commonly referred to as Yorkies, are one of the tiny breeds that you can keep even with little space. However, just like any other dog breed, you need to know some facts about them so you can be sure to get what suits your companion needs. At the end of the day, you want to take good care of them so they can have good health for many years. In case it is your first time, you will most likely get conflicting information about this special breed. Ensure that you get the right information. The following are some of the things you need to know before you proceed to buy a Yorkshire Terry.

One of the ways through which you can take good care of the puppy is by observing their diet. With their small size, it goes without mentioning that they don’t eat much. Their food should be low on fat nutritious. The best way to keep the teeth healthy is by mixing dog food with soft food.
While adjusting the meal appropriately, be careful about food allergies. These puppies play a lot especially during the first ten weeks. During this period, watch out because they are prone to low sugar levels. You can counter this problem by giving them plenty water and should you notice that they are low, give them syrup or even sweet water in small quantity. They can be aggressive, and mostly don’t realize that they are small. These watchdogs can pick fights even with bigger opponents so work closely with them especially whenever they bark.

Pay adequate attention to your puppy because they need regular care. You should visit a vet regularly. In case you notice a change in their behaviour, don’t hesitate to schedule a visit to the veterinary clinic. This depends on the medical condition of the pet at the time of purchase. Ask for medical history of the puppy from the breeder from whom you want to buy a puppy. This is one of the ways to identify a good breeder. After all, with the vast number of breeders, it can be hard setting for the best. You can begin by asking for referrals from other dog owners within your area. Once you have a short list of the top reputable breeders, find time to visit their websites so you can get more information about how they take care of their breeds and other factors such as vaccination records to help you ascertain the health of the puppy.

Get to know other details such as the accreditation status of the breeder. Insist on buying Yorkies from a registered and licensed breeder. That’s why it is important that you schedule a visit to the breeder before you decide to buy a puppy. Lastly, you should know how much it costs not only to buy the puppy buy the feeding and healthcare needs too. From the above mentioned tips, you should evaluate important factors to help you make the right decision when it comes to buying Yorkies.

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